The stoopid is a historian?

In a recent interview on Saudi Rotana Khalijiyya TV, historian Saleh al-Saadoon said that if a Saudi Arabian’s woman’s car were to break down she could get raped.


He then went on to say that in countries where women are allowed to drive that women ‘don’t care’ if they are raped the way they do in Saudi Arabia, according to the transcript translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

via Saudi Arabian historian says Western women drive because rape ‘is no big deal to them’.

Okay, equal stupid time in the US.

Damned if you do something to protect the company and its employees.  Walmart manager fired for trying to catch shoplifter.  Well, Walmart can’t have this.  Goodness gracious…a manager doing his job might cost them in liability insurance.

Watson, who said he made about $50,000 a year at his job, told the website he thought he was doing the right thing when the “habitual shoplifter” was running out of the store after setting off a security alarm.

The now former manager said he had been trained not to follow a suspect more than 10 feet out of the store, but there were no loss prevention officers working that night.

We have measures in place for the safety of our associates as well as our customers in situations like this.

“I am expected to keep the shoplifting at a minimum,” he said.

The value of items taken from the store also affects how much his associates receive in bonuses, he explained. The more money the store losses from thefts, the less the employees get paid, he said.

Watson was not hurt in the altercation, but said he was stunned the company made this decision. He was cited for “gross misconduct,” which means he cannot be hired at another Walmart of Sam’s Club.

“It was just kind of strange,” he said of his firing. “It was strange that they came to this conclusion after 27 days. I thought I was protecting the company.”

Damned if you don’t beat the living pulp out of an overgrown manchild having a hissy fit.

When a cell phone video of the incident was posted yesterday we watched, laughing, or at least morbidly fascinated, as the employee rampaged around unhinged. Robertson did his best to calm the employee, shepherding him toward the door and pointing to the exit, saying, “you need to leave.”

“I tried to secure the place,” says Robertson. “I couldn’t tackle him or put my hands on him. He’s a minor. So I did the best I could to settle him down and get him out of there.”

McDonald’s management disagreed, and Robertson was fired yesterday.

“[Management] felt like I didn’t have control of the store,” says Robertson. “This story is worldwide now and they’re looking at it like if I did something to solve it before it got all over the world they wouldn’t be getting all of this attention now. They don’t want all of this attention, and they’re blaming me.”

You know that the manager would be in jail for taking the manchild out and giving him a taste of reality.  What has happened to our world?  Political correctness.