We all look for a good bargain, but this is a red flag imho for not buying a computer off Craigslist.

This FU happened six months ago.

I work for a company that is contracted out to do work for a federal agency. To get this job, I had to pass a security clearance which involved some agency calling all of my former employers, my family, and even my friends. I passed with no problem and about 6 months from the initial application, I started working.

This job entails about 50% travel. When we travel, we almost always go to a federal agency building, set up in a conference room for a few days, do our job and then go back to our main office. The work can be tedious and boring but the pay is pretty good and I love the travel.

Right. One night at home, I’m doing some work on my laptop and I knock of a cup of coffee, it spills on my laptop and it gets fried.

Because remote work is a big part of my job, a laptop is essential. I’m a cheap bastard, so I fire up the desktop, hit craigslist and find a Samsung ATIV with an I5 for $300. All of my work was backed up to my external SSD as well as my micro-SD, so all I need is a computer that can accomodate each, which the Samsung specs say it can.

I e-mail the guy and he e-mails back after an hour. I send him my phone number and we set up a meeting.

I met the guy at a coffee shop. He was shaky; I mean he was crackhead shaky. He was well-dressed but someothing wasn’t right about the kid. I fired up his laptop, it booted instantly….I checked the HDD space, memory, CPU, etc. Everything was fine.

Creepy guy looked like he was in a rush so I did a speed negotiate with him and walked out the door with his computer for $250. Yeah! I saved $50.

By the time I got home, the Walking Dead was on, so I watched it, drank a brew, and went to bed.

The next morning, I arrived at work with my new laptop. THANK GOD over coffee- I told my a few co-workers what happened and about my dealings and old laptop, etc.

Flash forward to right before lunch. My supervisor calls our team in for a briefing on a new project at a new government agency. Everyone seems amped up to head out and set-up and start working.

When we arrived at the agency, we had to go through a security screening process. I didn’t think anything of it. Questions were asked and answered, phone cameras were disabled via software, and laptops were scanned and their cameras were disabled.

The guy working on my laptop called his supervisor and then his supervisor called another guy and next thing I know I’m in a room with four guys grilling me on the content of my computer.

I told them it was recently purchased and asked about 50 times what they found on it. I was really shocked and nervous but pretty confident that everything could be worked out quickly.

Boy, was I fucking wrong.

Next thing I know, detectives have me in handcuffs, my rights are being read and I’m shuffled off to jail.

My charges were pretty serious- and federal because we crossed states lines. No one believes my story. As far as they are concerned, they caught me red-handed with illegal porn and I was going away for it.

My bail was not set for THREE DAYS. During that time, I contacted a lawyer who believed me enough to interview my co-workers. The lawyer also had a PI track down the guy I bought the computer from. Turns out the guy was a registered sex offender.

It took a month for all charges to be dropped and even after all that shit, it took an act of God to get the arrest record erased.

To date: my legal bills are around $12,000.

TLDR: reformat the drive on any used computer you buy or eat bologna sandwiches with retards in jail

via TIFU by buying a used computer from Craigslist, using it for work, and having the police search the HDD which landed me in jail : tifu.