Well, it’s the weekend finally.  I sure need the rest.  I was sleep running this morning in the dark and slammed into the corner of the bathroom sink.  OUCH!  By looking at the bruise you would think I ran head onto a MAC truck.   Last week, the plumbing problems from Hell plagued me.  (Bubbling water from the tile under the toilet is what nightmares are made of.)  There was major wall ripping and toilet moving activity.  Add to that the washer and dryer were moved out the door as well.

Yes, I’m pooped.  I do love animals and I find them to be one of the best medicines during recovery.  So let me share some pics and a funny video.  You have a wonderful weekend!

Meet the caring ‘cat nurse’ who cuddles and comforts abandoned sick animals back to health at a shelter.

Black cat Rademenes (she’s Polish) is a nurse to any animal in need.  


This little rescue doesn’t like to eat alone.   I can’t blame Bonnie.