The insurance companies never lose.  As soon as Justice Roberts took his second bendover twerk to insure that ZeroSCOTUSCrapCare lived on, insurance stocks soared.  Got more news for you…they will continue to soar because the insurance companies NEVER lose, they play jiggery pokery to win at all costs.  Via America’s Obamacare Nightmare Is Just Beginning.

Looking toward 2016, health insurers say premium costs will soar.

When the dust is settled, I foresee this will become a single payer system for the masses while having lined the pockets of the insurers with taxpayer money.  Oh, and don’t think that those who are shoveling this down our throats will be partaking.  Words no longer matter.  Laws don’t matter except for those that the leaders say one must abide by.  Are you listening George Washington?   Give them all a free walk and they will come and they will vote for whomever sells out the country at the highest price.

Why I think that we are beginning to look a lot like Greece, don’t you?

This is only a smidgeon of why this garbage is so bad for the citizens.  If you believe otherwise, ask yourself why Congress, SCOTUS, and POTUS did not join the crap they are feeding the masses?  Stay healthy my friends, this is going to be the bumpiest ride you will have ever taken.  Kinda like a roller coaster with your retirement, bank savings, investments all falling out of your pockets when you get turned upside down.  There is no end to feeding the monster, it is now truly out of control now.