Delightful. I can’t wait.

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Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit he’s shaking things up and making the Ministry of Propaganda(oops – I meant “The Mainstream Media”) shit their pants more and more with each news cycle.

trump “I have fucked up yellow hair?! Yo MAMA has fucked up yellow hair!!!”

Before the inevitable barrage of molotov cocktails hurled by the self-righteous comes my way, I will state my feelings right out of the gate:

In no way do I believe that Donald Trump has the temperament to be POTUS.  Nor will I vote for him should he win the nomination and run for CIC. He’s just too bombastic for me to be comfortable with that choice.

Read the above quote again, and let it sink in.  I’m most likely going to have to repeat it (either again in this post, and most assuredly in the comments, should there be any…

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