Update:  from Fausta’s Blog

Humberto Fontova did a little translating,“Cubans migrants to Mexico are arrested, beaten, extorted, deported by the Mexican gov. in collusion with Castro! Where’s your indignation Mr Jorge Ramos (a Mexican citizen!)”

* “You claim to be a journalist not a politician. But Trump threw you out only because you were out of line. Your behavior was shameful.* “Every week thousands of Cubans migrants to Mexico are arrested, beaten, extorted and swindled by the Mexican gov. in collusion with the Castro tyranny! But I’ve never heard you utter a peep against the Mexican government over this, Mr Jorge Ramos! And you claim to be a proud and vocal Mexican citizen, Mr Jorge Ramos!”

* Why not come to Mexico and try telling President Pena Nieto that deporting Cubans to Castro means they’ll live in a prison. Why not practice what you preach, Mr Ramos?!

* You denounce the U.S.–a country that opened its doors to you, yourself, sir–but you refuse to utter a peep against your native Mexico, that deports Cubans not because they’re delinquents–but as a matter of policy.”

* I’m speaking to you as someone who was jailed for 49 days in a Mexican prison for migrants and freed only after a hunger strike where I almost died.”

* “Next time you attend a Trump press conference you might ask permission to speak, and wait your turn like all the others. And since you seem to like to talk without permission come to Mexico and try that stunt!”

If Ramos wants to report on crisis at the border, let him travel to the Colombia-Venezuela border.

Jorge is a politician’s dream.

Typical Jorge…his right to interrupt and cut in line.  (I always hated line cutters.)

Opportunity to fix his bad behavior, but instead Jorge keeps going bananas.

If only Jorge would be as disruptive with teh won when he interviewed slobbered all over himself.

Finally, someone put Jorge in his place.

A few hours before the event, Ramos had posted a link to some of his Trump commentary on Facebook, saying, “When you call 11 million people in this country ‘illegals’ — and no human being is ‘illegal’ — is that not spreading hate?”

Jorge, if you love Mexico as much as I think you do…why don’t you go back and fix it?  Do the truthful broadcasts about how the cartels took over your beloved Cd. Juarez because your government is in bed with them.  Jorge, Mexico needs you!