Disheartening (PLEASE read entire linked post) because both parties do this.  We have become no better than a third world nation.  We are provided with the correct selection.  Just like Barack was selected.

During the period when McConnell was leading Cruz astray (December ’13 to June ’14) and while Cruz was vice-chair of the NRSC -which was maneuvering to support McConnell’s buddy Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran- unbeknownst to Cruz McConnell was actively engaged with the RNC in creating the GOPe roadmap.

Part of that 2014 activity, which Cruz was presumably unaware of, was the a collaboration between the GOPe and RNC to make changes to benefit the power interests who were planning the future nomination path for Jeb Bush.

Republican primary race rule changes, finance changes (hidden in the CRomnibus bill), delegate distribution changes, party primary date changes etc., were/are all part of the collaborative RNC/GOPe construct to deliver an establishment win for Jeb Bush (similar to 2012 with Mitt Romney).

Our Founding Fathers are seizing in their graves.