I’m crying for United Healthcare, NOT.  Bastards.  They helped that asshat in the White House and his minions like Ezequiel Rahm write the tripe.  Did they believe that the taxpayer would keep bending over to ensure that their stockholders would not lose?   When you give to subsidize, someone is bleeding out.  When you stop subsidizing, business makes cuts.  That’s how they stay in business.  This has nothing to do with healthcare, because the bottom line is profit.  And then there is this…

…Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini said at an investor’s conference that it was too early to give up on Obamacare, though he noted his company lost “in the mid-single digits” on the exchanges in 2015. It expects to do better in 2016.

It expects to do better by denying benefits to others.   I know because this is what I do daily.