Raised by wolves.

Pantoja notes the UK’s dailymail survived after observing which berries and root vegetables animals ate before being eventually fed by a mother wolf who later adopted him.

‘One day I went into a cave and started to play with wolf cubs that lived there and I fell asleep. Later, the mother brought food for them and I woke up.’

She fed her cubs some meat which Pantoja tried to steal from one of the cubs but the mother pawed at him and growled until he backed off.  

‘After feeding her pups she threw me a piece of meat. I didn’t want to touch it because I thought she was going to attack me, but she was pushing the meat with her nose,’ he told the BBCin 2013.

‘I took it, ate it, and thought she was going to bite me, but she put her tongue out, and started to lick me. After that, I was one of the family.’

Pantoja said he also had a snake for company who followed him around because he fed her goat’s milk.

I do believe that animals understand need far more than we give them credit for.  He was hungry and he was not trying to hurt her pups.