I work with a rescue that allows paroles to work with the animals as part of their service hours.  It’s an amazing transition to love.  A prison in 2015 in conjunction with the Animal Rescue League in Indiana began accepting shelter cats as the cats change the human.  The program is having a wonderful impact on both the cats and humans.

Pets have always been not only our companions but often even healers. The therapeutic power of cats and dogs have been known for years. These furry companions help us to reduce depression and anxiety, feel less lonely, elevate our mood and even decrease blood pressure. However, one other aspect of pets’ ability to transform lives often gets overlooked – it’s their capability of helping convicted offenders.


Because every cat matters, from the PurrfectPals website:

Finding acceptable foster care for semi-feral and extremely shy cats and kittens needing socialization and human contact can be challenging for Purrfect Pals. In the spring of 2006, that challenge was met by an unlikely group of individuals in the offenders at the Monroe Correctional Complex-Special Offender Unit (MCC-SOU). SOU is a psychiatric prison unit contained within MCC. The SOU E living unit houses 96 mentally ill offenders who enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to provide foster care for the young and/or feral kittens. Our Prison Foster Program was developed as a way to provide quality kitten foster care while simultaneously motivating offenders to make positive life changes.

Animals can be the most nonjudgmental creatures on the planet.  I have witnessed first hand how much they give to those who might never have had much love.  It would be a shame to leave this Earth without having shared unconditional love.  Kudos to PurrfectPals!  And to Dear Tabby we thank you for sharing.