We should all be as happy as Herbee!.  His older bestie was an instagram sensation.  Sadly, Mr. Pokee passed away earlier this year.  No worries, Herbee is still here to fill our days with smiles thanks to his owner Talitha Girnus.  Apparently, he travels the world with his owner who also photographed and documented Mr. Pokee on Instagram.

‘Amazing people from all over the world are inspired to follow our adventures especially because they love our message: Between all the serious things happening in the world ever day, Pokee and now also Herbee are here to give them a reason to smile and stay positive. 

‘Whenever people return to our page, we want to remind them to never lose faith, because the world is full of magic and not a bad place after all.’

Happiness and joy…


This is one happy petfluencer for sure.