Chika is a very smart lab mix and she obviously knows where “inside” is.  LOL

Who needs a doggie door?

A dog-gone adorable image shows the moment a clever canine rang her masters’ doorbell with her nose — after she was accidentally left outside in the cold.

In the surveillance video, Labrador mix Chika goes full-on Lassie as she hops up on her hind legs and taps the buzzer with a big, wet snout at her home in McDonough, Ga., around 2 a.m. Tuesday.

After waiting patiently for her snoozing owners, Robert and Angelia Fox, the whip-smart canine jumps up and punches the buzzer with her paw, causing it to ring a second time.

The couple didn’t hear the bell — but eventually realized they’d inadvertently locked the pup out, and let her back inside.

She isn’t the only one to master this doorbell thingy.