Kudos to The Ingham County Animal Shelter .    What a lovely example they set for all others to follow.

…Reading Paws and has seen an “overwhelming response” from the community.  Reading Paws is a program for children between the age of 6 and 16 to read to pets in the shelter.  ICACS said in a post on Facebook that the shelter environment can be overwhelming for many pets and they have found that reading to the animals there reduces anxiety and can create a calm space.

And best of all, the shelter pets are NOT judgmental.  If you have not noticed yet, I love all animals.  They don’t criticize poor pronunciation.  They just listen.  I wish more shelters would allow these activities.


I understand that there are will always liability issues when making these arrangements.  I also know that it is well worth it.  Children and animals go hand in hand.  Bonus is that children learn to like to read.

Click here for their sign up link to be a part of the program or call 517-676-8311.