I have one like this.  She is a beautiful Eclectus parrot that has many of her feathers gone.  I gave her and her forever mate a home when they needed one.  Their former human couldn’t take care of them any longer.  Sadly, Cheech passed away (cancer).  It could not have happened at a worse time.  Beautiful was entering her teen years and had begun to lay eggs.  She became depressed after the loss and she lost much of her feathers.  She has some, but not many left.   Patience and lots of love have given her the courage to live without her mate.  I pray that she stays with me for a long time.  She still grieves as my Amazon does (his BFF Buddy passed).  Such incredible birds.


10439468-3x2-700x467Mooove on over

Mr Pearson explained that Knickers’ name came about because of his close friend ‘Bra’, a Brahman steer.

“[We had] the full set [of underwear] — top and bottom,” he said.

Since he is no longer being sent to slaughter, Knickers has found a way to be useful around the farm helping to lead and coach other cattle.

“You’ll put him in a paddock and all the other cattle seem to get attracted to him,” Mr Pearson said.

“Whenever he wants to get up and start walking there’s a trail of hundreds of cattle following him.

“We all know when Knickers in on the move.”

I love music.  My animals love music.  This blind elephant obviously loves music as well.  What a wonderful treat!  Sometimes we must make little changes in order to share joy.

A friend of mine works with a cat rescue.  They had a blind kitty that would require a very special person to care for him.  Months and months passed when a couple came in looking for a kitty.  It seemed that they rushed past the blind kitty.  After looking at all of the kitties, it seemed as if they were going to leave without one.  Unbeknown to the staff, they have a blind child at home.  They understood perfectly well what that kitty would require such as no moving the furniture around.   Low and behold, that kitty found his forever home.  Some weeks later, the couple sent the rescue a picture of the child sleeping with the kitty.


Raised by wolves.

Pantoja notes the UK’s dailymail survived after observing which berries and root vegetables animals ate before being eventually fed by a mother wolf who later adopted him.

‘One day I went into a cave and started to play with wolf cubs that lived there and I fell asleep. Later, the mother brought food for them and I woke up.’

She fed her cubs some meat which Pantoja tried to steal from one of the cubs but the mother pawed at him and growled until he backed off.  

‘After feeding her pups she threw me a piece of meat. I didn’t want to touch it because I thought she was going to attack me, but she was pushing the meat with her nose,’ he told the BBCin 2013.

‘I took it, ate it, and thought she was going to bite me, but she put her tongue out, and started to lick me. After that, I was one of the family.’

Pantoja said he also had a snake for company who followed him around because he fed her goat’s milk.

I do believe that animals understand need far more than we give them credit for.  He was hungry and he was not trying to hurt her pups.

I’m always saddened when I lose a pet.  There are never any words that truly console.  I feel for the others left behind.  If you believe that they do not grieve, you are very mistaken. Take for example the story of Otis and Mattis.  Otis was the family’s guinea pig.  Mattis, was devastated when Otis passed.  So much so that he stopped eating.


Joseph Scaramucci posted on Facebook that the unlikely pair were best buddies. Otis the guinea pig crossed the rainbow bridge on July 28.

Mattis was clearly brokenhearted as he laid in Otis’ cage after he went to “guinea pig heaven”.

Brittany Scaramucci said that she didn’t understand what was happening when the family returned from vacation, but Mattis would not leave Otis’ side until he died.

“When I went to pick up the cage and clean it up, he stayed right with me and then sat next to it and in it on the sidewalk,” Brittany said. “When I lifted the lid off, he made it pretty obvious that he knew something was wrong and just looked at me like ‘what is going on?’ It broke my heart.”

Joseph said that Mattis still hasn’t finished mourning his best friend of 4 years.

“Even yesterday morning Brittany was commenting on how he wouldn’t eat,” Joseph said. “Mattis just seems to tolerate everything, so I was surprised.”

When it was time to say goodbye, Mattis just couldn’t.   4ec02b5600000578-6016943-image-a-51_1533157222171

Love them as often and as much as you can.  We are forgetful that we can be gone in an instant.  Those left behind feel it the most.  We hope that Mattis will soon understand that Otis is in a better place and someday, they will meetup again.

Chloe obviously has two loving accomplices (Colby and Bleu) helping her get out and run about during the night.   Nanny cams are great…they can’t hide the truth.

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