Found…”toothed” tomato.

The culprit?



Oh, and that is Queen Krishna to you!

Legend has it that Siamese cats were the vessels for souls of recently deceased royal family members. It is also believed that their crossed eyes were a result of guarding over a sacred golden goblet that a monk was too drunk to handle. Their eyes are blue because they served heaven, and a princess caused a tail kink.


I have been blessed with caring for so many animals during my life.  Great and small, they eventually must leave.  As painful as it is to let them go, I constantly remind myself that we are all here for but a moment in time.   The time that we have shared was a gift.

I care for many animals that are deemed unadoptable.  They are usually old, sick or have been homeless for a very long time.   The most difficult task is to listen to them tell me it is time, but one must remember always that the gift of sharing a life is greater than that moment when we must pass.

Lab does a walkabout at night only to return with goat “friends.”  A day later he was spotted in a field.


New besties…


My scottie used to do walkabouts.  My dad would do a drive around the block.  When he would spot the little dog, he usually had several “friends” in tow as well.  Of course, the car door would open and the little scot would jump into the car.  It had usually been a long a walkabout.  His “friends” would disperse as well.


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