I have rescued both breeds.  The Border Collie is an amazing creature when it comes to herding.  The Chihuahua is superior to the Ring doorbell when it comes to an alert and she will work even if the internet is down.  🙂


I love music.  My animals love music.  This blind elephant obviously loves music as well.  What a wonderful treat!  Sometimes we must make little changes in order to share joy.

A friend of mine works with a cat rescue.  They had a blind kitty that would require a very special person to care for him.  Months and months passed when a couple came in looking for a kitty.  It seemed that they rushed past the blind kitty.  After looking at all of the kitties, it seemed as if they were going to leave without one.  Unbeknown to the staff, they have a blind child at home.  They understood perfectly well what that kitty would require such as no moving the furniture around.   Low and behold, that kitty found his forever home.  Some weeks later, the couple sent the rescue a picture of the child sleeping with the kitty.


Perhaps more of a collectible.

Cats sensing an earthquake.  Notice the tails.

I love this song!  I remember hearing it as a kid in my aunt’s living room.  She said it was a happy song about love.  It is and I do love how Charles Trenet sang it.  Translation.

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