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Financial collapse to force 83,000 to find healthcare or pay penalty.

Time to pay the piper.

It was not supposed to happen.

Cindy Vinson and Tom Waschura are big believers in the Affordable Care Act. They vote independent and are proud to say they helped elect and re-elect President Barack Obama.

Yet, like many other Bay Area residents who pay for their own medical insurance, they were floored last week when they opened their bills: Their policies were being replaced with pricier plans that conform to all the requirements of the new health care law.

Vinson, of San Jose, will pay $1,800 more a year for an individual policy, while Waschura, of Portola Valley, will cough up almost $10,000 more for insurance for his family of four.

Finally, reality will set in.  Barry is a liar in so many more ways than one can imagine.  Affordable?  I’m laughing so hard that I am about to choke and I’m positive that the brilliant zero supporters are choking as well now.

In California, 1.9 million people buy plans on the open market, according to officials with Covered California, the state’s new health insurance exchange. And many of them are steaming mad.

snip to the obvious...

“Of course, I want people to have health care,” Vinson said. “I just didn’t realize I would be the one who was going to pay for it personally.”

I guess the minor facts about who would end up paying for this didn’t make it into this confused person’s head?  Word…insurance was NEVER EVER designed to pay the entire bill.  It was meant to help you in time of need.  Just a guess, but I suspect that the people interviewed for this article voted for teh won more than once.

An interesting piece from 2013 concerning the reasons for healthcare being so high and some helpful solutions that would actually work to contain cost.

So, what is the solution to the high and rising cost of healthcare in the US? Deregulation to a true free-market system. Let the (relatively) free market that has produced spectacular results in the electronics industry, work in healthcare.

  1. Remove the tax incentives for employers to offer group health plans, instead of equivalent extra wages, and get rid of the regulations that promote the health plan model.
  2. Repeal the EMTALA and let emergency rooms set their own policies on whom, and under what conditions to treat. (People are free to set up voluntary, privately funded, non-profit ER’s that can treat those that can’t pay, and don’t burden those who can pay, or who have insurance.)
  3. Abolish the FDA. (If there is a demand for independent drug testing and approval, there is money to be made in a private “Good Housekeeping Seal” for drugs. Such a company would thrive on its reputation for impartiality and rigor, and would likely make its finances utterly transparent, while charging drug makers a set fee for each drug screening. If it approves something it should have labeled as dangerous, its reputation will be gone, and its business will collapse, quite unlike the government-mandated FDA.)
  4. Phase out Medicare over the next 20 years, and let people save for their own medical needs in old age, rather than paying taxes for the Medicare benefits of current recipients, while hoping that the next generation behind them is able to afford to subsidize their (more expensive) benefits in this perpetual Ponzi scheme. (The same issue exists with Social Security, and Baby Boomers threaten to bankrupt it. Allowing people to save the money they would have paid into Medicare would reward those who save, and encourage saving, while doctors’ competition for seniors’ business would keep prices low.)
  5. Phase out Medicaid over 5 years, and let doctors compete on price for the “low end” market, rather than taking taxes to subsidize dependence on the state. (Those who are genuinely helpless, and can’t pay for low cost care themselves, would depend on the voluntary, private charity that is more forthcoming when others aren’t as burdened with high healthcare costs of their own.)

Compare the rising prices of insured healthcare to the price change of elective procedures. From what I can tell, the average cost of cosmetic surgery has remained relatively constant over recent years, and the cost of Lasik has dropped significantly, due to much improved technology (i.e. free-market innovation.) This provides some indication of what would happen in a truly free market for general healthcare.

I love the suggestions, but I can hear the wheels of government coming to a screeching halt at thought of getting rid of the FDA.

Our friendly (extortionist) insurers will most certainly want to make up for the shortfall…who’s pocket will they pick?

Insurers will get far less money than promised from the federal government this year — and a few billion dollars less than they requested — to help pay for their sickest customers.

Insurers learned late Thursday that they’ll receive just $362 million out of the $2.9 billion in requested for 2014 for the program, according to an announcement by the Department of Health and Human Services.

That’s because a program created under the 2010 Affordable Care Act hasn’t brought in nearly as much money as it needs to pay out. As insurers enrolled more older, sicker Americans under the new healthcare law, they were promised some federal money to help cover their new costs, through a program known as risk corridors.

For example, if a health plan found itself with at least 3 percent more medical claims than it had anticipated, the government would reimburse it for half of those losses. If claims surpassed expectations by more than 8 percent, the government would pay 80 percent of the losses

But the law requires the program to be budget-neutral, meaning that if there aren’t adequate funds, insurers have to go without. The HHS announcement, insurers will get about $2.5 billion less than they asked for, and they weren’t pleased.

I’m so sad for the insurers…NOT!  I spoke to a zerocrapcare subscriber and she told me that she was losing her plan.   It turns out that the fantastic crap that zero advertised is going to get very ugly.  She has to pick another plan as hers will no longer be offered.  I’m shocked, aren’t you?

I honestly believe that if there were true fairness in this world, every single congresscritter and zero’s administration should have to partake of what they have given to the citizens.

It is not about guns.  Guns were the method used to murder the innocent.

Rosario Espinoza, 33, was once a neighbor of Mr. Mercer’s and moved into the apartment that the mother and son shared when the two moved from Torrance a couple of years ago. She said that the two had “kept to themselves,” but that from time to time Mr. Mercer’s mother would complain that Ms. Espinoza’s young children were playing too loudly and bothering her son.

“They’re normal children that play, but she would get really upset,” Ms. Espinoza said. “It was during the daytime. But I guess the noise would really upset him, the son.”

Other neighbors said she would confront them about their barking dogs when they returned from work. “She would wait till they got home and knock on their door,” Kim Hermenegildo, 48, said.

In the offline world, Mr. Mercer’s mother sought to protect him from all manner of neighborhood annoyances, former neighbors in Torrance said, from loud children and barking dogs to household pests. Once, neighbors said, she went door-to-door with a petition to get the landlord to exterminate cockroaches in her apartment, saying they bothered her son.

“She said, ‘My son is dealing with some mental issues, and the roaches are really irritating him,’ ” Julia Winstead, 55, said.

This is but only one of what I am sure were many things this young person had problems with. He was 26 years old, never had a girlfriend.  Obviously there is a problem when he mentions that he didn’t have a relationship with anyone, including and animal.

Well, it means I’ve never been with anyone, no woman nor man(nor dog or animal or any other)

His response is telling:

Involuntarily so

His online dating profile.

It said he enjoyed horror movies and under hobbies, it listed “killing zombies” along with the “Internet” and other pursuits.

Yes he was an adult, but this did not come to be overnight.  He had been diagnosed as having Aspergers.   IMHO, sounds like there was lots of catering to this nutjob.

I have an entire family of crazy living across the street from me.  First there is the young, physically healthy individual in his mid 20s that runs around in his jammies all day long fixing the home security cameras (so they look into the neighbor’s bedroom window) and playing on the internet. Every once in a blue moon he does go outside to pick weeds from the dirt lot they use as a yard at 9:30PM.  Any animal that dare cross into their dirt lot is poisoned.  Daddy died in a road rage incident.  The son not being any different (assaulted a postman).  Then there is the young one that mama uses to ensure the entitlements keep coming.   The kid is mentally challenged child? and is only allowed outside at night when no one can see him although we can all hear him.  During the day, he’s always in a carrier but at night under the cover of darkness he is behaving like Ruprecht.  The older one picks weeds from the dirt lot that they have sterilized (Monsanto would be proud)  called a yard at 930pm (long after the sun has set).  Why?  Who knows?  And yes, I do believe that this dysfunctional family could very easily harm anyone.  They are crazy and I will never be surprised at anything that they do.

  • U.S. transitions to new health billing codes on Thursday
  • Billions of dollars in hospital, doctor payments at stake

There are 70,000 ways to get sick, hurt or mortally injured, and the U.S. is making them official.

On Thursday, U.S. hospitals, doctors and other care providers have to start using internationally developed standards called ICD-10 codes to bill government programs and private insurers in the nation’s $2.9 trillion-a-year health-care system. The codes cover everything from parrot bites to getting sucked into a jet engine.

Doctors have already begun mocking the diagnostic list, picking out the most absurd and arcane, such as Z63.1, “Problems in relationship with in-laws,” or V91.07XA, “Burn due to water skis on fire.” Yet for health-care providers who have payments at stake, the complex change is no joke.

This is but one reason why healthcare is becoming more costly.  It is also the reason why your physician, or physician assistant stares at the computer screen when you visit and NOT at you.   I bet you never thought that your doc went to school to learn how to check off boxes on a computer screen.  Art of healing?  Not so much.

And the tail is mia.  No it isn’t…it’s behind teh won.

And then there is this one.

Disheartening (PLEASE read entire linked post) because both parties do this.  We have become no better than a third world nation.  We are provided with the correct selection.  Just like Barack was selected.

During the period when McConnell was leading Cruz astray (December ’13 to June ’14) and while Cruz was vice-chair of the NRSC -which was maneuvering to support McConnell’s buddy Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran- unbeknownst to Cruz McConnell was actively engaged with the RNC in creating the GOPe roadmap.

Part of that 2014 activity, which Cruz was presumably unaware of, was the a collaboration between the GOPe and RNC to make changes to benefit the power interests who were planning the future nomination path for Jeb Bush.

Republican primary race rule changes, finance changes (hidden in the CRomnibus bill), delegate distribution changes, party primary date changes etc., were/are all part of the collaborative RNC/GOPe construct to deliver an establishment win for Jeb Bush (similar to 2012 with Mitt Romney).

Our Founding Fathers are seizing in their graves.

More than 80% of healthcare IT leaders say their systems have been compromised.

“More concerning, 16% of healthcare organizations said they cannot detect in real-time if their systems are compromised,” the report said.

Malware, which is designed to disrupt or gain access to private computer systems, was the most frequently reported line of attack during the past 12 to 24 months, according to 65% of survey respondents. Botnet attacks, where computers are hijacked to issue spam or attack other systems, and “internal” attack vectors, such as employees compromising security, were cited by 26% of respondents.

The areas with the greatest vulnerabilities within an organization include external attackers (65%), sharing data with third parties (48%), employee breaches (35%), wireless computing (35%) and inadequate firewalls (27%).


“The vulnerability of patient data at the nation’s health plans and approximately 5,000 hospitals is on the rise and health care executives are struggling to safeguard patient records,” Michael Ebert, who runs KPMG’s Healthcare & Life Sciences Cyber Practice, said in a statement. “Patient records are far more valuable than credit card information for people who plan to commit fraud, since the personal information cannot be easily changed.”

KPMG listed five main reasons healthcare organizations are facing increased security threats:

  • The adoption of digital patient records and the automation of clinical systems.
  • The use of antiquated electronic medical records (EMRs) and clinical applications that are not designed to securely operate in today’s networked environment — and software vendors who push that problem to the provider.
  • The ease of distributing electronic personal health information both internally (via laptops, mobile devices, thumb drives) and externally (third party firms and cloud services).
  • The heterogeneous nature of networked systems and applications (i.e. network-enabled respirator pumps on the same network as registration systems that can browse the Internet).
  • The evolving threat landscape, where cyberattacks today are more sophisticated and well-funded, given the increased value of the compromised data on the black market.

IMHO, there is no such thing as healthcare privacy.  What a sad world we live in where the physician patient relationship has a third party present at all times.


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