Update:  Prince passed away today.  I didn’t really know his music until I watched a lively dance segment by the Joffrey Ballet during the Academy Awards one year.  The music gave the dancers something wonderful and fun to move to.  Prince gave the Joffrey Ballet a reprieve.  They were dying a slow painful financial death until the rock ballet called Billboards came into being.  Robert Joffrey gave many dancers opportunities.  I’m sure that you will remember Patrick Swayze, and even Ron Reagan Jr. to name a few.  He trained countless aspiring dancers.

That was one save, but if you like The Bangles Manic Monday song you will know that there is an interesting link between Prince and the ladies.  On a flight the ladies learned that Prince was in First Class.  One approached him and spoke to him about how much his music meant to them.  The flight proceeded.  In First Class, Prince wrote the lyrics to Manic Monday on a cocktail napkin.  He then asked the flight attendant to take it back to the ladies in the back.  Well, that they were stunned.  Lyrics written by Prince (although he used the pseudonym Christopher as a credit for writing) and when they got home they contacted him to ask what key to work in.  Well, the rest is history because Manic Monday propelled The Bangles into music history.  He gave to anyone who needed a bit of a push onto the limelight.  RIP Prince.  Thank you for being a giver instead of a taker.

DON’T dwell on the ongoing election year poofest.  It will happen with you or without you.  We are witness to voter fraud, illegal alien voters, machines that break, companies running the electoral counts, etc.

Meet Maggie, the Australian Kelpie, who was approaching her third century in human years, and at 30 years of age passed away peacefully at the dairy where she lived in Woolsthorpe, west of Melbourne.

Priorities.  She lived to be with her human as long as physically possible.  If that doesn’t make you smile, meet tiny Brooklyn who had a very simple birthday wish come true.  She wanted to meet a very special person…the man who picks up her garbage.


“HOLY COW… BEST MORNING EVER for Brooklyn (and me). What a start to her birthday.

Thursdays are by far her favorite day… garbage day. For about a year now, she has anxiously awaited the garbage truck’s arrival at our house. It started with waving from the window, then we had to try and be outside to wave, and when we missed the truck driving by the house, I’d drive around the neighborhood to find the garbage truck and wave… on our way out the door in the mornings. Every… Thursday, my heart is full when I see the joy that our amazing garbage man brings Brooklyn when he honks and waves at her with a BIG smile.

And today, we finally got to meet him!!! Brooklyn and I wrapped up one of her birthday cupcakes and waited for him. When he came down our street, she ran to the corner. We were waving like usual and I motioned for him to come over by us. He pulled over, got out and gave us his BIG smile. Brooklyn was instantly speechless as she handed him the cupcake. I explained to him that he makes our day every Thursday, and we really appreciate the honking and waving, and how special of a day it is for us.

Then… (melt my heart)… he explained that he looks forward to seeing us every Thursday as well. He said that he has a meeting every Thursday morning and always tries to get out of there in a hurry so that he can make sure to see us every week. He said he doesn’t have any kids of his own, but he mentors several children and just loves them. I can’t believe that I never got his name, so for now he will continue to be “our favorite awesome smiley garbage man”.

After he left, we continued onto daycare. Brooklyn was unusually quiet in the backseat. I asked her if she was okay, and she said “Mommy, Im so happy.”

So… to “our favorite awesome smiley garbage man”…
THANK YOU!!! Thank you for the joy that you bring Brooklyn every Thursday morning, for making her birthday special, and for making my heart happy. It may be a little thing that you do, but it means so much to us!”

That “favorite awesome smiley garbage man” is Delvar D. Thanks, Delvar, for your kindness and your service to the City!

Some days, you just have to turn a blind eye and put ear plugs on so that you don’t have to witness more awful stuff.  Then again, you should keep everything in proper perspective because there are a lot of people doing things that will affect all of us and not in a good way.



Trust but verify.  You should know better by now that nothing is truly what you are witnessing.

Rather than later.  From Bunkerville comes an interesting post about how to save money.

This is how the Progressives find value in human lives. Euthanasia. In a special session to determine methods for cost savings for their State Health care which is running a deficit this swell idea blossomed forth. Someone should ask Marxist Sanders his opinion. Throw in Hillary Clinton.

So, by NOT allowing people on Medi-Cal cancer doctors, you assure their death—and by using the $5400 lethal dose, taxpayers save money.  Is this unethical, immoral or just good business by government?  This is the same government that spends tens of millions of dollars to keep murderers alive on death row.  Confused?

From the California Catholic Conference story:

Without fanfare or announcement, Governor Brown’s proposed 2016 Budget recommends $2.3 million dollars to allow California to purchase lethal drugs for Medi-Cal patients who want their physician to help them commit suicide. California would pay an estimated $5,400 per patient just for the drugs yet Medi-Cal patients still have no access to palliative care (designed to improve the quality of life for patients and their family facing serious illnesses.) Even more incredibly, a recent study has shown that Medi-Cal recipients have only a one in three chance of even getting cancer treatments under the system and often cannot obtain second opinions.

Anyone else grossed out?  I understand euthanasia because I just put down my beloved 19 year old cat that was a very special part of my life.  What I don’t understand is the race to get people who might actually want to live, to die.  Choice?  I suppose that choice is only for those who have means.  I highly doubt that Governor Jerry Brown or Nancy Pelosi will ever lose any choice in their care.


Minor?  No, she is an adult.  Not a child.  Probably a paid Soros agitator.  Thanks Denise VB.


But Words Will Destroy Them (well, the special snowflakes believe that this will happen).

Early this morning Outkick received a forwarded email from the president of the university from several Emory students who read Outkick — all of whom requested anonymity lest they become the targets of the campus PC bro mobs.


“That being said, by nature of the fact that for a significant portion of our student population, the messages represent particularly bigoted opinions, policies, and rhetoric directed at populations represented at Emory University, we would like to express our concern regarding the values espoused by the messages displayed, and our sympathy for the pain experienced by members of our community…

It is clear to us that these statements are triggering for many of you. As a result, both College Council and the Student Government Association pledge to stand in solidarity with those communities who feel threatened by this incident and to help navigate the student body through it and the environment of distrust and unease it has created.

To that end, Emergency Funds within the College Council monetary policy were created to provide time-sensitive funds during circumstances involving discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and such funds are available to any student organization looking to sponsor events in response to this incident.” 

What in the world are these crybabies freaking over?  Chalk on the sidewalk?  It is obvious to me that the nannies that raised these asshats didn’t have permission to beat the crap out of these special snowflakes.  No honest parent could ever possibly own these dumbasses.  The world is a rough place, deal with it crybabies.

h/t Anthony who sent me to read the comments because I was so pissed at the stupidity of the day.

Barry, has something to say.

President Barack Obama fired a rhetorical shot at Trump without naming him, saying during a ‘Friends of Ireland’ luncheon in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day that ‘I’m not the only one in this room who may be more than a little dismayed about what’s happening on the campaign trail lately.’

‘We have heard vulgar and divisive rhetoric aimed at women and minorities – at Americans who don’t look like us, or pray like us, or vote like we do,’ he said.

Spare me, most of us are tired of the racial divide that teh won has set back to the 50s. And that is only one of the egregious actions we have been witness to these eight long years that teh won has been in power.  We know teh won by his actions not that perverse orifice that lies continuously.  Okay, I am NOT a fan of Barry.

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