Random acts of kindness.

They give without asking for anything in return except acknowledgement that they exist in our world.  I cannot imagine regretting a pet.  Some people do.

Know that there is always help.  Ferals are maligned so often, yet they are capable of loving one just as much as the cuddly kitten your cat gave birth to.  Alley Cat Allies offers many resources.  When your furry friends are ill and you want to understand medication, do not hesitate to use Wikipedia.

10/16/13  Simba crossed the rainbow today.  He no longer has pain.  He can play to his heart’s content.  Beautiful dear Simba.

Meet Simba, one of my rescues.

Simba is a an old feral cat (atleast 10-12 years old) who suffers from horrible disease.IMAG0013

He came to my front door in March 2013.  I  had not seen Simba in two years.  I caught him in the trap and release program that we have here.  He disappeared until March.  He was so skinny.  He weighed 6 lbs. and he is actually a big fella.  I knew he was starving because he could not eat.  I finally got him to trust me and I was able to take him to the vet.  His mouth was awful…broken teeth, you name it.  We started with that first surgery.  He seemed to do well until a few weeks after.  A second surgery took place and finally this past Tuesday he underwent a third surgery to remove all teeth and roots.  As you can see, his mouth is very swollen.  We hope and pray that this is the end of this trial and tribulation for this guy.

It’s been a couple of weeks since the third surgery to remove all roots and canines from his mouth.  He’s eating wet food again (A/D feline) and will soon move over to regular wet Friskies in the next week.   He’s a tough little guy.

Thank you to everyone who helped McNorman’s Rescues by donating.  I could not have done the third surgery without your help.  It’s been a very difficult time for me financially.  The finances will ease with time (I pray), but I was going to have to euthanize Simba if I could not get his surgery done quickly.   Please know that I am truly grateful for all of your help.

RIP my dearest Buglet.


Bug was found six years ago wandering the streets at Thanksgiving.  He was about 8 weeks old.  I suspect his mother had been hit by a car as he was very thin and hungry.  He fell ill a few days ago.  His liver gave out.  I couldn’t let him suffer through liver failure.  Today (9-8-13), I let him find his other friends over the rainbow (I’m sure that his mini schnauzer mom who adopted him and passed away last year will walk him across the bridge).  Be happy for all that you have left in my heart my friend.

Today (100313) was absolutely heartbreaking.  I lost Circe.  Another little feral that came many years ago to leave a house full of love.  She died of liver failure.  I said goodbye and thankyou for the love that she gave us all.


An amazing cat that would pick up her wet food with her paw and place it into her mouth.  She was a talker.  Every night she would come and sit next to me.  We would talk a bit and then she would sit and watch me work at my computer.

My beautiful Katsu (Simba’s BFF) passed away on Wednesday, December 4, 2013.  I found him barely able to breathe.  He had been very sad since Simba passed away.  I rushed him to the vet and she told me that he was not going to get better.  He probably had fluid build up in his lungs and heart.  I’m sure that he crossed the rainbow and Simba was there waiting for him.

I couldn’t save this tiny little girl.



She had antibiotic ointment placed in her eyes.  She was very ill and I had hoped to save her.  She probably weighed less than 5 ounces.  RIP little Maru.

I saved her sister Kit.  She was found outside half frozen a week before.  It has been terribly cold at night.   This is Kit in all her splendid glory.  She found her way into my fabric closet.  LOL

2014-01-15 06.58.37

February 20, 2014

My dear silkie terrier Junior has passed away.  He had come to me by way of a military family who was moving.  They had taken him from another family and that family had also given him away.  I cannot tell you how incredibly wonderful this dog was.  He was as sweet as honey.  I told him that this would be his permanent home when he arrived.  We would walk regularly everyday without fail.   He shared everything that he had with the other rescues that had been discarded.

He was beautiful, well behaved, courageous and above all loving to the moment that he took his last breath.

miki leaves 004 (4)

RIP Junior.



Another strange and sad day.  I came home from work to find my oldest feral cat bleeding profusely from her nose.  No, not trauma…leukemia.  I knew that I had to let her go no matter how many tears I shed there was nothing more to do than let her rest that final peace.


feral sisters (2)

She was over 9 years old.  A very sweet girl who refused to come inside.  She lived in my enclosed front porch.  I gave her shelter from the cold (always with a heating pad and a heater) and air conditioning in the summer.  She came to me with her sister when she was about 4 months old.  They have never left my yard.  Always attentive, they would sit and watch the hummingbirds every evening.  I will miss her terribly.  She made me a better person for teaching me to love a feral cat unconditionally.

Wednesday October 1, 2014

Today, I lost Ted.  He was a very sweet young feral that I had socialized enough to have adopted, but that was not to be.  A horrible hateful neighbor poisoned Ted.  His lifeless body was paralyzed when a neighbor found him.  To tell you that Ted made me happy is just not enough.  He was a sweet cat that would have come inside if I didn’t have dogs.  He never walked far…two to three houses away was as much as he would dare be curious over.

He was not the only one to be poisoned, my neighbor’s cat was taken to the vet 7 weeks prior.  She had gotten out when the family went on vacation and left her with the grandparents.  She would visit me often, but she also visited the house of Hell across the street.  She came home and was found paralyzed the following morning.  The necropsy proved death by poison.  Why?  Because they soil someone’s dirt lot?

My criminally insane neighbor thinks that her child is allergic to cats by vision.  That is correct, not by touch but by being able to see the cat.  Ted would lounge on her driveway occasionally.  He was usually at home and wandered over there when they were not home which is very rare.  The family is nuts.  The son assaulted a postman.  The oldest special snowflake lives in pjs all day long.  He’s 24 years old.  He doesn’t have to work because his mommy will always keep him.  The woman is a welfare queen that came from Mexico to suck the life out of this country.  Her younger snowflake is mentally retarded.  He cannot walk or speak.  We only hear him scream daily.  Should we call CPS?  She called me at work and at home daily to tell me to come pick up fecal matter.  What I found was vomit.  Vomit from being poisoned.

My ferals have always been well taken care of.  I feed them, vaccinate them, and in the end have them euthanized when they can  no longer live a healthy life.  As for my feral cats, I am a colony manager.  I trap, neuter and return because our city euthanizes over 24,000 animals a year.  If you keep the ferals healthy, they keep the population from swelling.  I called the police and Animal Control.  This woman was calling Animal Control on me for two weeks solid.  Finally, the abuse of services has stopped.  As a colony manager, my cats are protected for now.  There is a very special place for people like this in Hell.


I lost my beautiful Freddie yesterday (052215).  One evening 15 years ago, I walked out to the front porch and grabbed a black cat thinking how did he get out?  When I walked inside, I went about my business until my daughter pointed out that we did not own two black cats.   Welcome Freddie.  A sweet black cat that would come to be known as the cat/dog sitter.  The picture below shows him kitty sitting a very young foundling named Kit.  The photo was taken a year before he passed away.  He still had the bad eye which he lost in March of 2015.  Any animal ill or sad was going to be looked after by Freddie.  Never did he abandon them while I was at work.  He would stay next to the basket or bedside until I arrived at home.  How could one cat be so smart?  I don’t know, but he surely was a blessing to me.  We will miss him greatly.  He passed away in my arms after losing his eye to cancer.  Bless you my dearest little friend.


Wednesday.  April 6, 2016.

Tonight was a night that I dreaded for many years.  My best friend Toonces lay in my arms when he took his last breath.


A sweet cat, he was 19 years old. I could not believe how time had flown.  Then again, when you have a friend like Toonces time does fly.  I named him Toonces after an SNL skit with Gilda Radner.   Thanks for being my friend Toonces.









Well today April 27, 2016 was another day of loss.  A little Chihuahua came to me about 7 years ago.  Paco was sent back to the rescue because he was too old.  He was 9.  Lucky me, I brought him home because older dogs are very hard to rehome.  Paco passed away today.  He had a large tumor on his right ear that was going to suffocate him.  I don’t allow my furry friends to suffer when they can cross the rainbow and wait for me.


June 21, 2016  Today, I said goodbye to one of my ferals.  It has been very hot lately and I suspect that this was the tipping point for this beautiful little boy named Zigfiel (Ziggy for short).  He was a gorgeous gray Maine Coone with green eyes.  He was born in 2014 and was as sweet as you can imagine any Maine Coone.  He was shy.  One of six ferals that I have left in my colony, he didn’t allow me to photograph him.  So, he lives in my heart.  He passed away today as a result of Feline Leukemia.  I know that he crossed the Rainbow and now watches over the rest of the colony.

Thanksgiving has always been difficult as I have lost so many right before this time.  Tonight I lost my beautiful Cheech.   Thank you so much for being my companion.  He was rehomed a two years ago.  He was a sweet bird.  Very much without human attention, he lost a lot of feathers (not plucking).  He was so lonely even though his mate Beautiful  produced eggs that were infertile.  He passed away tonight (Saturday, November 27, 2016).  It was too late to save the little fellow.  He was 12 years old.


Summer heat in the desert is beyond tough. You can cook eggs on the sidewalk.  My beautiful Sweet and gentle girl passed away.  She couldn’t be inside with the others because she wasn’t socialized as a kitten.  She made it to 12 years living outside as a feral in my colony.  I had special accommodations setup for her and her sister so that they could weather the elements.  Finally, I enclosed the front porch and made it a cat haven.  Pea and a Pod   This is SweetPod

Our town has new laws in effect to protect the ferals.  I’m grateful to this girl for giving me the opportunity to have loved her even though it was from a distance.  In the end, I did hold her and caressed her as she transitioned over the rainbow.  062517

September 6, 2017

It’s been an amazing journey for a little dog that I found 8 years ago.  I helped him cross over the rainbow today.  Guido was a Maltese that was as gentle as a feather.  Such a sweet little fellow.  He was malnourished and matted living on the street when I picked him up.  He had a terrible heart but was always a happy camper.  Amazing how long little dogs live.  This photo was taken 1 year after I found him living on the street.  Bless this little man…he’s crossed the rainbow.




Buttons, my very shy feral passed and crossed the rainbow bridge.  It is amazing to me how ferals seem to understand life better than humans.  He knew he was ill.  I caught the little guy (an amazing feat) and took him to the vet.  It was not easy.  The usual favorite vets who understand ferals were not available.  I asked how they would approach him as he truly was wild.  The vet sedated him and asked why I would want to be with him.  I told him that no animal should die alone.  I see this with humans and it breaks my heart.  The moment that he crossed the rainbow was the moment that I could hold him.  Let him never forget touch as he learned how to fear humans.  I’m glad that I gave him a home for five years.

03/03/18 Picture 011

And of course she was a feral kitten.  She, her brother and sister were loved until they became the sweetest and most docile cats in the house.  Tea 17 years old always nestled between dogs.

napping 2-19-2018 11-37-22 AM 419x343  She was raised by a lovely mini Schnauzer girl named Beauty.  That cat loved all dogs.  They all seemed to love her equally as much.  In the end she succumbed to kidney failure.  They knew she would leave soon.  They always stayed by her side sharing food, treats and anything to assure her that she was loved.  Her brother and sister have been gone for a long time.  Never let it be said that animals cannot get along together.  They know more than  we do about getting along.


16 year old Fritzie  03/22/18

I always wanted to find Fritzie’s home.  He had been caught by Animal Services on the street.  He was microchipped, however someone had sloppily tagged him as canine.  There lay the problem in returning him home.  He was a feline.  The greatest sadness is one where I cannot find the animal’s human.   Hence I cared for him for three years, but this sweet little guy was pure sugar.

I know that someone lost a beloved cat.  It always will stay with me that I could not find him his human.  I was blessed to give him a home for a few years.   Renal failure finally took its toll.


flax 011 (4)

Winnie has lost her battle with cancer today.  What a magnificent girl she was.  I know that she is now able to run freely and chase butterflies to heart’s content.

She was a rescue who had jumped too many fences and was given up three times before she came to me.  Funny, she never jumped my fence.  She found a lot of love and play here.  Anyone who knows Daschunds knows how smart they are.  She was a poodle daschund mix…doxipoo.  She cared for the elderly dogs and loved the cats as much as anyone could.  She even cared for the African Grey when she has seizures.  A tiny dog with a huge heart will be missed by all.    Run, play and rest Winnie.

July 11,2018

My beautiful Loli crossed the rainbow this morning.  She was 20 years old.  A little feral who brought her lovely sisters to bless our home.  What a beautiful and sweet one she was.  Never an ugly thought about sharing, she would love the dogs and parrots just as much as she could.  Thank you for for 20 beautiful years of love Loli, I will see you again.



Molly leaves us with a heavy heart.  A Brussels Griffon is one of the most wonderful personalities anyone can have at home.  Always filled with love for all.  She was a fence jumper.  She had been through three homes and was found wandering a few blocks from a freeway.  I didn’t need another dog.  I didn’t want another dog.  Then here she comes…

pets 009 (2)

What a face!  Kids would love her because she reminded them of Cookie Monster or Grouch.  I loved her because she was pure love no matter what.  In the end Cushings took her from us.



Maru left me and joined her friends.  Little Maru had a mass on her kidney.  She was something else.  A feral at one time, she had been spayed and then disappeared for three years.  She finally came back three years ago.  Eventually, she allowed me to pet her.  Having a horrible neighbor who poisons animals (yes, these people do exist), I grabbed her one day and pulled her inside.  She didn’t resist much.  She was happy to no longer have to survive in 100+ degree summer heat or spend nights outside when the temperature dropped to 0.  She welcomed everyone into our home.  I will miss her but am eternally grateful for the time that I was given with her.



This was the only picture that I could take of Boy.  Unfortunately, I have a cruel neighbor that poisons animals.  Yes, they exist.  This little guy had gotten used to disappearing kitties and would avoid that house at all cost.  He was a young cat.  Boy, a beautiful feral passed away today.  He was starving and I could not catch him soon enough to take care of his pain.  Finally, I was able to take him to the vet.  He had cancer.  That is what was making him so thin.  I knew it was bad because I could see flies circling his body when he would lie in the sun.  RIP little fella.  You are now with your mum and all of your friends.


phone pics 003

I woke up to find my little friend had slept his way to cross the rainbow.  Chaz was gifted to me when he was 4 1/2 years old.  My friend had cancer and felt could not care for him any longer.  He was a feisty Yorkie, one that never feared much of anything.  He had his ways.  He loved being held.  If someone tried to take him out of my arms, the little guy would give them the paw and push their hands away.  I will miss him terribly.  He truly was joy.  He was 16 1/2 years old.


March 9, 2019

Rilla, our beautiful 21 year old grand lady passed.  My goodness, she was a gorgeous girl.  Sweet beyond words.  She stayed with me until she could no longer.  She never had a problem with any other furry or feathered friend.  Once a feral kitten, she was nurtured to love without boundary.  I thank her everyday for sharing love throughout her long life.


March 12, 2019

With her passing came another suddenly.  Rilla shared her space with everyone.  We had fostered a gentle fellow named Tex.  Another elderly kitty that had lived in an abandoned car.  He was caught, altered and not returned to car because he was so old.  He originally had been thought to be eight years old.  Yesterday, the vet told me that he was probably fifteen years old.  He was terribly malnutritioned but had the heart of a champ.  His ear had a squamous cancer tumor which was removed in December when he was altered.  All he desired was a warm bed, some peace and friends (human or furry) to love.  My heart breaks thinking of what he had to endure during his life.  I am grateful to have given him a home for a few weeks.  A dear friend was to take him into her home, but the transport fell through.  I wish she had known the gentle Tex as I did.


When Rilla’s kidneys were failing her, he sat next to her.  It really does not surprise me that he joined her within days.

Hazel   061319  She loved being hugged.  Who knew chickens love to be hugged?  She knew her name.  She was a rehome whose human had passed.  She was already two years old when she came to live with us.



Bob Cat  070319  Bob cat was with us since late April.  His human had passed and he was terribly lonely.  He was also declawed and 17 years old.  Sadly, elderly animals don’t need much to push them over the edge.  Bob came to me with kidney issues.


Such a short time to love Bob.  Live in the moment because we don’t know what the next turn in life brings.


Iris was a sweet Manx.


Goodness, if ever there was a sweet ole gal…it was Iris.  Gentle Iris purred and purred whenever held.  She was old.  My vet told me that she was probably 17 years old already.  I was stunned.  She was low on energy and weight.  Within a few weeks, she gained weight but there was still a problem.  The vet said she had a blood cancer that was going to take her.  We knew that time was short.  I enjoyed holding her as often as possible.  The pain of loss is great, but it is the price of love.


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