Update:  Alan Dershowitz weighs in.

I hear and see the race baiters and haters stirring evil in the name of Trayvon.   What good can come from any of  this ugliness?   I remember vividly watching the Rodney King videotape.  Then came the outrage which is no different than what we are witnessing today.  Public pressure or lynching?   Looking back at those riots, who actually benefitted from that?

Dr. Drew and King retraced the 1991 car chase, and visited The Spot for the “Celebrity Rehab” follow-up “Sober House.” King had penned a letter expressing his forgiveness of the officers whom he had spent years resenting. He read it, then deposited flowers and a bible on the roadside.

“This time I was able to focus on how I wound up in a spot like that,” King said. “I thought it was really nice going back to The Spot, and walking away from it with the Doctor. It shows I can put it behind me.”

King knew that anger had fueled his alcoholism for years. “A lot of times when I was angry, I would get myself some booze, not knowing it was only putting a Band-Aid on,” he said. “The only way to resolve things is without anger, that’s what I’m learning. Emotions will kill you if you dwell on them.”

That is a powerful statement.  Perhaps the Rev. Wrights, Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons, and Michelle Williams of the world should heed Rodney King’s words.    Injustice will NEVER cease.   Only by learning by learning from the past can we deal with the future.

As a parent, I would not want my child’s life to have ceased in vain. That pain cannot be stopped by the cauldron boiling over with vile hate.  Only two people know what happened on the night that George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin crossed paths.  Of that I am sure.   The tensions that have been stirred using this death are ugly.    This includes our dear leader who seems to enjoy race baiting as much as his mentor, Rev. Wright. We are a nation of laws, and it would be wise to remember this when stupidity rears its hideous head.