Cats and Christmas.   Everyone gets that “someone is watching me” feeling.






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There is nothing sadder than a child who doesn’t have coping skills because they are different.  Coping skills are something that we learn as we grow.  Each of us learns these skills in a different way, meet Jeffree.

A cat who helped pull a Coventry teenager ‘back from the brink’ following a sudden family bereavement has won a national award.

Finn Hackeson has Asperger syndrome which made it particularly difficult to process his father’s death in June 2018 leading to him becoming depressed and withdrawn.

It was eight-year-old adopted cat Jeffree who had a “life-changing effect” helping the 14-year-old to cope with his loss and at London’s Savoy, Jeffree beat hundreds of other nominees to be named National Cat of the Year 2019.

Finn’s mum, Gayle, was present to collect the award on Thursday, August 8.

She said: “I’m thrilled Jeffree has won, he’s most definitely an absolute star in our household.

“I hope that through his story more people will see what an incredible support cats can be for both children and adults with autism. Cats don’t judge, they don’t rush you to talk about your feelings and they accept people the way they are – and that really is priceless.


Animals are phenomenal gifts of wisdom.  We just need to listen Susan’s spouse did in 2012.

When diabetic Susan Marsh-Armstrong collapsed in the bathroom last December following a hypoglycaemic attack in the middle of the night, the consequences could have been fatal. Unconscious and with her husband fast asleep in the bedroom, Susan’s life hung in the balance until puss Charley discovered her. Aware something was wrong, Charley went to the bedroom and woke Susan’s husband by tapping his face and licking his hand before leading him to the bathroom.

You never know how much love you have inside until you share it.   More kitteh heroes.

I don’t have barn cats.  I do have elderlies that are unadoptable.  They aren’t quite the yodelers that this tribe is, but they do have a special “I’m hungry” call that is my morning alarm.  LOL


I work with a rescue that allows paroles to work with the animals as part of their service hours.  It’s an amazing transition to love.  A prison in 2015 in conjunction with the Animal Rescue League in Indiana began accepting shelter cats as the cats change the human.  The program is having a wonderful impact on both the cats and humans.

Pets have always been not only our companions but often even healers. The therapeutic power of cats and dogs have been known for years. These furry companions help us to reduce depression and anxiety, feel less lonely, elevate our mood and even decrease blood pressure. However, one other aspect of pets’ ability to transform lives often gets overlooked – it’s their capability of helping convicted offenders.


Because every cat matters, from the PurrfectPals website:

Finding acceptable foster care for semi-feral and extremely shy cats and kittens needing socialization and human contact can be challenging for Purrfect Pals. In the spring of 2006, that challenge was met by an unlikely group of individuals in the offenders at the Monroe Correctional Complex-Special Offender Unit (MCC-SOU). SOU is a psychiatric prison unit contained within MCC. The SOU E living unit houses 96 mentally ill offenders who enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to provide foster care for the young and/or feral kittens. Our Prison Foster Program was developed as a way to provide quality kitten foster care while simultaneously motivating offenders to make positive life changes.

Animals can be the most nonjudgmental creatures on the planet.  I have witnessed first hand how much they give to those who might never have had much love.  It would be a shame to leave this Earth without having shared unconditional love.  Kudos to PurrfectPals!  And to Dear Tabby we thank you for sharing.

Found this note and it reminds me of how much an animal can fill a heart with joy.


The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made. Our times are in his hand who saith, ‘A whole I planned, youth shows but half; Trust God: See all, nor be afraid!”  ― Robert Browning

This Lil’ Girl’s Face Has Gotten More White Every Year But Her Smile Hasn’t Changed

My latest chapter in life has been to care for those that are old, sick and discarded.   I truly cannot fathom how deep their hearts are as they always fill their last home with joy and love.

Animal Services will call…a human has passed and left their old friend behind.  Or the veterinarian calls and says I have a sweet elderly one that needs a home (most have their humans retired to homes where they cannot be kept), and then there are those that are dying (whose family cannot bear that passage) so they surrender them.  They can grow old here.  Robert Browning knew that there was something very special about aging.

And yes, it hurts terribly when I say goodbye to them.  They take a piece of my heart with them, but luckily I have a piece of theirs in exchange.