Thank you Mt.Laurel for reminding me that there is always more to life. As humans, we hope for the next door which opens to be a good opening.  Animals teach us to think out of the box. Imagine the love that one has in order to keep a dog which suffers from separation anxiety happy…So what if a mannequin dummy might look a bit odd in the house.  Think conversational piece.  LOL  No more separation anxiety!

I never thought that I would ever have more than one dog. Hah! A dog, a kitty, a birdie and so on. Rescue and rehoming is tough. It’s tougher when the lot is older, ill or has issues which deem them unadoptable.   My time with them is limited, but very much filled with quality. It’s good to learn that I am not alone.




I have one like this.  She is a beautiful Eclectus parrot that has many of her feathers gone.  I gave her and her forever mate a home when they needed one.  Their former human couldn’t take care of them any longer.  Sadly, Cheech passed away (cancer).  It could not have happened at a worse time.  Beautiful was entering her teen years and had begun to lay eggs.  She became depressed after the loss and she lost much of her feathers.  She has some, but not many left.   Patience and lots of love have given her the courage to live without her mate.  I pray that she stays with me for a long time.  She still grieves as my Amazon does (his BFF Buddy passed).  Such incredible birds.

I love this song!  I remember hearing it as a kid in my aunt’s living room.  She said it was a happy song about love.  It is and I do love how Charles Trenet sang it.  Translation.