Anthony D. Weiner Tells Friends He Will Resign –

Jeez, what was there to think about?


Rep. Anthony Weiner a no-show at New York City Israel Day parade amid Twitter photo scandal.

Rep. Anthony Weiner ditched the Israel Day parade for the first time in years as the ballooning boxer brouhaha continues to dog him.

Several of his fellow Democrats and political rivals questioned why the congressman was nowhere to be seen.

“It has become a huge distraction,” said former city Controller William Thompson Jr., a likely Democratic mayoral contender.

“It has become a circus. Every answer raises another question.”

What’s he going to do now?  Hide out forever?  He lied about the tweet to the young woman and now he doesn’t want to own it.  Yfrog has stated that there was no email upload compromise.  No hacking took place.  Geez, you do it, grow up and admit it.  The world will still continue regardless of whether he did it or not.  Of course it doesn’t help that his former girlfriends are talking.   This guy was on a roll with the sexting.  Good grief, when do these congress critters actually work?
UPDATE:  Presser held today.  Weiner cries and apologizes to his wife and family.  He has a beautiful and smart wife.  Why oh why do these idiots behave like morons when young girls attach themselves to a stupid social network page?  Oh Gawd, now he’s not ruling out rehab.  It’s called ego control Weiner.
UPDATE 2…He’s a cyber flasher.  It’s out.  The x rated pic is on the gawker site.
UPDATE 4He is NOT resigning.  Barack will have to pry his fingers off that chair.