There are always reminders to let us know that we are but a blip in time.  How we chose to use the blip tells the world what your priorities are.  A legacy for sure.

This young woman was given a terminal diagnosis.  She decided not stay at home in bed and cry.  Instead, she left her iPhone at home and decided to meet the world.  She took a trip.  One that would last to the moment that she could no longer physically keep up with the challenge of traveling.

Amanda, also known as Twitter user TrappedAtMyDesk, shared normal details of her life on the social media outlet, just a lot of us do. She talked about her travels. She wondered why she had trouble sleeping. She had email troubles with co-workers. She had heartbreak in her family relations. She vented about things we can all relate to.

She also had brain cancer.

via Jezebel.

Kudos to her.

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